A simple accessible command line interface to the hunspell library.

Most of my time I am using orca, on a gnome-terminal. As {a|i|hun}spell all mark the miss-spelled word in reverse video (which isn't accessible to orca), as well as requiring a large amount of cursor keys, to review the word suggestions, it was decided to write a simple accessible interface for one of the existing spell checkers.

Accspell currently uses hunspell as the backend, a possible enhancement would be to enable the user to choose between hunspell and aspell.

The current interface is as follows: $ ./accspell -c <lt>filename<gt> <miss-spelled word> corrections: [correction1, correction2 ...] (c,q,0,..)?


  • c: will show the context that contains the error,
  • q: quit
  • 0: skip to the next miss-spelled word
  • 1..n: replace the miss-spelled word with suggestion n

You can check out a copy of Accspell using the following command:

$ git clone git://fog.cs.bath.ac.uk/Accspell

If you have comments or patches then please feel free to let me know!

Accspell is provided as is, under the GPL licence and is copyright 2010-2011 Mesar Hameed.

todo: * Move to github * Hasn't been used for some time, make sure it still runs.